Securing the financing to purchase an investment property doesn’t have to be a struggle. At BinaNat Capital, our mission is to quickly get you the cash you need to take advantage of a golden opportunity. We approve each loan based on the deal itself not your credit history. Our secure application process is designed to be fast and easy so you don’t have to miss out on the deal of a lifetime. You can trust BinaNat Capital to help you finance your future.


You find a property you can’t pass up but don’t have the cash.

You start an application with BinaNat Capital to get the cash fast.

We appraise the property to determine the after repair value (ARV).

We will loan you up to 65% of ARV within 5-­7 business days.

You renovate the property, flip it, and start building wealth!


Easy Credit Check

Don’t let your past prevent you from building your future. At BinaNat, we believe everyone deserves a second chance to start over. Your low credit score won’t prevent you from securing a loan to finance your real estate project because with us, there is no minimum credit score for approval.

We Say Yes

Banks and other traditional lenders have a bad habit habit of saying no. Nobody likes saying yes more than we do. Our trusted lending program allows you to easily invest in real estate opportunities that make sound financial sense putting you back in control of building your assets and improving your financial position.

Quick Close

Need money now? With BinaNat Capital there’s no waiting around for approval. After our quick and easy application and appraisal process, we can close your loan in as little as 5-7 business days. Don’t let that golden opportunity pass you by, apply today!

Direct Lender

When you deal with BinaNat Capital, you deal with the most trusted direct lender in the Southeast. We manage our own private capital fund so there’s no middle man making promises they can’t keep. We decide who gets approved and we do it faster than anyone else. That’s a promise.

Deal-Based Approval

We know a good deal when we see one and so do you. That’s why BinaNat Capital Hard Money Loans are approved based on the merit of the deal, not the borrower. Low credit scores and financial history won’t affect getting a loan approved fast so you don’t have to let a good deal get away.

Secure Application

Our business is built on trust and that means protecting your personal financial information. We use advanced encryption protocols to ensure the integrity of your private data throughout the application process and will never share your information with third parties. You can count us!