What is Private Money Lending?

Private money lending provides short term high interest loans backed by real estate collateral. Borrowers are looking to capitalize on real estate opportunities but need lack the immediate liquid cash to take advantage of market booms. Rather than wait months to possibly be approved by traditional lenders, borrowers can secure a hard money loan from a private lender in a matter of days. The loans are paid off in as little as six months making the interest rates very manageable.

Why Lend Your Private Money?

You’ve worked hard for your money and now it’s time for your money to work hard for you! Private money lending provides a significant return on your investment over a short term with low risk to the lender. Loan amounts are made on the appraised resale value of a real estate asset so even in the case of default, the lender is still in a good position to recover their investment.


How does it work?

Interested in private money lending? Contact us to find out how you can start earning up to 10% on your money in as little as six months.